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To better serve our commercial and industrial clients in Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia, as well as our residential clients, Acadia Roofing & Contracting Ltd is proud to make use exclusively of industry leading equipment and highly advanced product lines in the roofing industry. To ensure that each project we work on gives the best possible results and leaves our clients feeling happy and satisfied, we also offer certified energy efficient products. These products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are highly resistant to even the harshest of weather conditions, including strong downpours, extreme temperatures, and heavy snowfalls. Thus, Acadia Roofing & Contracting Ltd always strives to put at your disposal products that will give you long-lasting results and leak-proof protection all year round. Ready to check out our services? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to assist you!

We are also proud to be the certified installers of the following brands:

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Your Licensed Roofing Contractor

We are the licensed installers of several industry leading brands

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